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Hack websites with google

Hack websites with google

The internet can be a very dangerous place! Especially when people use it who better shouldn’t! Here is quick example who to use google on how to finde passwords for websites (and other stuff) on the internet.

Go to and search for “https intext:login | logon intext:password | passcode filetype:xls | filetype:xls”


As you can see, this will search for SSL secured sites with the text login/logon, password/passcode. The special thing about this search string is the filetype:xls extension. With that you can tell google to only show you excel files. Based on the other search options, those file will contain passwords/passcodes with login/logon information.

Now that you know how to use google to find those types of files go ahead and use your brain to find other useful stuff – post it here 🙂